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Business Jets for Corporate Travel Management
  Large corporate travel departments and company flight operations that regularly depend on private jet charter don't necessarily have the resources to evaluate every charter operator, negotiate rates and obtain the high level of service and reliability required in today's demanding business environment. changes all that with the Air Charter Management Program that adds consistency and efficiency to your air charter purchasing.  

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Gulfstream III

Larger PictureGulfstream has built a legacy of safety, reliability, and performance.  The Gulfstream III model retains this same mark of excellence, providing quality and spacious comfort for both the business and luxury traveler. With the ability to accommodate up to 12 passengers, the Gulfstream III is capable of traveling 3725 nautical miles at speeds over 550 mph.  This aircraft outperforms the competition providing speed, cabin comfort, range and value.


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Passenger Seats: 12 12
Flight Hours: 8 8
Crew: 2 2
Range: 3.725 na 3,725 nautical miles
Cruising Speed: 575 mph 575 mph
Altitude: 45,000 ft 45,000 ft
6.1 Feet High
7.3 Feet Wide
41.3 Feet Long
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